Hi! Welcome to my little spot in the world wide web.  Do people still call it that or am I showing my age?  I’m starting a blog for several reasons but mostly for a creative outlet since I love to organize, take pictures, and talk about my adventures in parenting, homeschooling, party planning, and children’s clothes.  I guess an introduction is in order.  My name is Dorothy and I am happily married to an amazing guy who puts up with my eccentric ways.  Together we have 3 lovingly high maintenance children.  We were married for about 12 years before we had children.  We both enjoy travel and have visited the Netherlands, England, Israel, China, and Germany before having children.  But our greatest adventure began in 2015 when London was born.  She was an answer to LOTS of prayer.  Eighteen months later we welcomed October.  My sweet and easy-going middle child is a joyful addition to our family.  And about twenty months later we completed our family with the birth of Braxton.  He is an adorable final piece to our puzzle.  While I always wanted more children, my body struggled a little more with each pregnancy so it seems I will have 3 little loves to help me find joy in this journey.