Bluebonnets in Texas

There are few things that are more Texan than bluebonnet pictures.  I will admit that even though I grew up in Texas from age 10 and on, I never had a picture in the bluebonnets.  But there was NO question about it – when I had kids, there would be annual bluebonnet pictures.  

For anyone who is not from Texas let me explain…Texas is not the most picturesque place in the world.  But during springtime the wildflowers that grow along the highways can be absolutely breathtaking.  There are actually FB groups dedicated to hunting the perfect spots for viewing these wildflowers.  There are festivals.  There are specific roads and towns known for their bluebonnet displays. It’s definitely a Texas thing.


London was born in mid-March and I was on bedrest for several weeks afterward so we did not take bluebonnet pictures.  But the following year (2016) I made sure we found a little patch and had the perfect prop: ‘Made in Texas’ box.

Bluebonnet season in 2017 was beautiful and we discovered a lovely field near a pond a little over an hour from our home.  There were not many people there at the time and it was such a peaceful day.  I can’t believe how little October looks in her first bluebonnet pictures!

In 2018 we went back to the same field.  There were more people this time so that made pictures a bit more difficult.  But the girls were also older so it was easier in that respect.  But what is important is that the tradition lived on!

As we drove back to the same area as the last two years, we discovered a small park area on the way to the field we usually hit.  We decided to stop there so the kids could get a snack and play on the playground before we took pictures.  This area ended up being beautiful for pictures so we just stayed there.

In 2020 the world seemed to come to a screeching halt.  But even amid the chaos we decided to head outside and search for bluebonnets.  We found ourselves at the same park.  Our plan was to stop and snack but leave to another area if too many people were there.  We all needed the feel of normalcy during a time full of uncertainty.  We went ahead and took our pictures since we only saw two other families in the entire public park area.  It was a beautiful day and I will cherish those memories forever.

I’m excited to see what the bluebonnets look like this year!